Innovative Rail Solutions


Vision IT Rail Solution Company is established by rail professionals over 10 years experiences in 2018. Vision IT’s main goal is to change and revolutionize the railway systems with innovative solutions.


Safe, Collision and Accident free operation


Fully Automated, Driverless, Cheap and Innovative railway systems

Online Train Monitoring System
  • Trains on Map
  • Alarms and Alerts for Emergency Cases
  • Real time operation monitoring
  • Fault Analysis and Prediction
Online Train CCTV System
  • Real time Video Streaming
  • Passenger Counting
Obstacle Detection And Warning System
  • Notice Obstacles on mid and long range at any speed
  • Operate on a day and night conditions
  • Operate on severe weather conditions
  • Collision Prevention
Autonomous Train Driving System
  • No need for an attended driver
  • No need for signalling system
  • Artificial Intelligence based Driving System
  • Reduces the human error, and increases the safety

Online Train Monitoring System


Multiple data types from many sources (such as engine variables, bogie sensors, GPS position within the line, and atmospheric data) are ingested into the data lake through on board computer connected with train main computer. Then the data flows into the cloud (server which is prepared and installed for this purpose) by 4G and/or 5G internet connectivity

Online Train CCTV System

All on board CCTV camera video streaming is collected and recorded on a real time basis to the cloud through on board computer with internet connectivity. This will enable operation company to monitor the passengers in carriages of the trains on a real time basis for passenger and operation safety purposes.

‘Monitoring railroad and infrastructures through installed cameras on the front cabins, and roof. As a result any accident and incident can be seen and recorded for maintenance, insurance and future references.’

Obstacle Detection And Warning System

The AI based railway Obstacle Detection and Warning System is fully integrated on board system to watch over the rail road while train is in operation both on a day / night and severe weather conditions. Whole communication will be with driver through a monitor installed on the driver board.

System will notify and warn driver anything on the railway on a mid (250 ~ 400m) and long-range distance (up to 1km). System can also be integrated to the cloud and situation can be controlled from Operation Control Centers.

Autonomous Train Driving System

Operation Monitoring and Control Center will be able to watch / navigate the Train while it is operated by the AI based Driving System. Whole communication will be through the cloud on the server. As whole fleet is driven by the same AI under the cloud or offline when need arises, each train will be able to communicate each other. Speed, distance, rail conditions, traffic conditions are all be known immediately. Each train will be positioned and operated based on the operation status of the whole fleet since all connected with each other.

  • No need for an attended driver;

  • Can improve punctuality reduce ongoing operating costs;

  • Consistent control of train speed profiles and greater potential for traffic management;

  • Increase the frequency of trains;

  • It offers a better recovery from delays, as a result, increase in the capacity of the system;

  • Reduces the human error, and increases the safety of the system;

  • Minimizes energy consumption for a given journey time by controlling the speed, including real-time optimization to take delays into account, smoother changes of acceleration compared to manual control;

  • Increase the lifespan of train equipment, as a result, decrease the cost of .maintenance;

  • Prevent breakdowns and failures by maintenance prediction system, decreases the breakdown of the trains during operation; and

  • Improve passenger comfort.

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