Web solution is made for the companies with large amount of personnel and assets to be maintained and managed. 

Easy to login through a weblink, login id and passwords are identical with mobile app, therefore, anyone can use both web and mobile at the same time. 

Web is capable of managing all assets as in the mobile application. The only difference it provides is the screen size which provides flexibility in terms of data inputs. 

All the functions and products are available in web version as well. 

Mobile App
Mobile App

Mobile app is created for many reasons, but one of the most important of all is that speed of access/generating the data from/to all assets.

It has all capabilities of using all the products of the company, communicate with train, train drivers, maintenance team, operation team and management teams. 

It is present in both Android and IOS app market, so it is very easy to install and start using it. Mobile app helps the companies with large amount of personnel in various working locations as a result easy to navigate and locate the personnel, remote check in for the work, paperless solution, real time information update, capable of taking pictures and videos, creating documents for checks and acts, accessing manuals during the work, accessing any KPIs anytime, monitoring the results of engineering changes remotely and many more.

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