Smarter Operation System
Smarter Operation System

VISION IT is a Startup Project by a young entrepreneur who, during his research at the University of Cambridge in 2018, turned his long years of experience in the rail vehicles sector and the desperation of the sector into a teamwork focusing on the digital correlation of functions such as: maintenance, inventory and engineering, thus aiming to bring all the problems of the sector with solutions.

In just 3 years VISION IT has expanded into several solid projects that have become a multinational multilingual asset for railcar maintainers and operators for monitoring the health of rolling stock, data processing and engineering using IOT. Became an official solution partner with Intel globally.

VISION IT is currently in active use on intercity high-speed rail vehicles in Ukraine and on three major metro lines in Egypt. Two projects are under development in South Korea and a pilot program is underway in Turkey. Our total reach has reached close to 1,000 rolling stock with offices and alliances spanning 5 Continents: USA and Blovia in the Americas; Asia in Korea and Taiwan; Europe in Ukraine, Poland and Turkey; Africa in Egypt; and Oceana in New Zealand.

VISION IT provides engineering-based intelligent solutions to major railway companies for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and Predictive Maintenance using mega data processing, IoT and Real-Time Live CCTV.

Our software tool brings all assets (Trains, People, Inventory and Engineering Data) under one roof, enabling users including Asset Owners, Operations and Maintenance Companies to operate via a Mobile App (IOS and Android). This means all data is measured, meaningfully interpreted and at your fingertips in real time 24/7.


With operations spanning six continents and a presence in every major railroad market, our support team is ready to meet the challenge, 24/7. We’ll hit the ground running to get you the parts, systems and solutions you need, fast.


Vision It is proud to be a part of INTEL